client: Compuccino GmbH

General federal elections poll

  • Custom AJAX based voting, counting and statistics
  • Abuse protection
  • High-traffic optimalization

client: Xstream A/S homepage

  • Drupal backend
  • Customizing theme delivered from web agency

Nordic Media Summit

client: Xstream A/S

Event page

  • Drupal backend
  • Custom theme
  • Mailchimp integration


Forex webpage

  • Drupal backend
  • Custom module scaffoldings to later integrate external services (such charts, live comminicates etc.)

client: Dworzec Polski S.A.

Railway station portal

  • All functionalities such as news and galleries system based on Features module
  • Station database and data migration
  • Geolocalization
  • Extending and debugging modules

LEM tool

client: Nokia

Internal application, for creating marketing landing pages.

  • Multiserver setup on Amazon EC2 later migrated to Nokia server cluster
  • More than 2 million page views daily
  • Application for creating, managing and reporting custom advertising campaings on mobile phone applications market
  • Multilanguage and location based services
  • Over 20 different fully customizable themes and tool for creating new ones from drupal interface
  • Statistics and billing system

client: Axel Springer Polska

Car portal

  • About 6 million page views in a month that time
  • Planning creation and implementation process
  • Creating mockup
  • Migration scripts from other portals
  • Axel Springer's advertise modules upgrade
  • Teaching Drupal

client: Axel Springer Polska

Auto industry portal - motor shows, news and premiers.

  • Migrating to Drupal. Over 15 000 articles, 6 000 galleries, 13 GB photos
  • Migration scripts done with german and czech cooperatives in Berlin
  • New functionalities, over 20 custom written modules
  • Memcache, load balancing implementation

client: Axel Springer Polska

Car portal - tuning, crash tests, etc..

  • Individual work
  • Finishing half-made site

client: Axel Springer Polska

Tips and advices for car owners.

  • Individual work
  • Module configuration as well as some customization
  • 10 custom written modules
  • Memcache, load balancing implementation
  • Data migration from external sources - mostly from

jejŚwiat network

client: Nextweb Ventures Sp. z o.o

Group of lifestyle portals aiming at women-related topics

  • Teamwork (including SVN)
  • Module configuration and customization
  • Based on uniwersal Zen Theme and Domain Module
  • Custom module development (sliders) network

client: Nextweb Ventures Sp. z o.o

Over 40 sites in network - all about healthcare issues.

  • Teamwork (including SVN)
  • Module configuration and customization
  • Based on universal Zen Theme and Domain module

client: S.A.

A leading electrotools webstore in Poland with over 50 000 clients.

  • Individual work
  • Number of new functionalities - invoice system, courier integration, dispatch system, shop provider administration panel, some visual tweaks on homepage and productlists, comments rating and monitoring system
  • Based on ASP and MSSQL group portals

client: S.A.

A network of over 25 Industy portals, origin for b2b platform.

  • Individual work
  • New functionalities for mailing system and central galleries manager
  • Minor changes and bugfixes
  • Based on ASP and MSSQL

client: S.A.

B2B platform with over 80 000 company accounts.

  • Teamwork
  • Number of new functionalities - new user/company profile functionalities, mailing system, internal messaging, translation tools
  • Based on ASP and MSSQL